Engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field. The business of giving expert advice to other professionals. Have enormous experience in handling clients of various domains. Served several happy clients in the our professional tenure. We provide requirement based solutions to our clients on timely basis.

Software Development

Tecense Technologies specializes in developing enterprise-class software, e-business and application integration solutions. We design applications that engage customers, suppliers, employees and partners in a broader communications network, allowing them to collaborate , exchange data and conduct business in a secure and efficient manner.


Tecense Technologies provides cost effective solutions for deployment of in-house IT staff. Tecense Technologies has a fully fledged recruitment team to handle the challenges of recruiting and deploying hundreds of IT engineers, address attrition issues, replacements etc. The HR & Admin department that manages the smooth flow of the recruitment process.


It is essential that organizations certify the skills available using industry recognized certifications. To enable the same, Tecense Technologies supports and promotes the certifications in 40+ International certifications. We also enroll organizations as affiliate partners to provide them with special value added services across the world for a distributed testing team.